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Sustainable Industrial Systems Group

Sustainable Industrial Systems is a multidisciplinary research group working on identifying sustainable solutions for industry. The group is funded by UK Research Councils, the European Commission and industry.

Academic Staff

  · Professor Adisa Azapagicadisa.azapagic@manchester.ac.uk   
  · Dr Rosa Cuellar-Francarosa.cuellarfranca@manchester.ac.uk  
  · Dr Laurence Stamfordlaurence.stamford@manchester.ac.uk  

Research Staff

  · Dr Piya Gosalvitrpiya.gosalvitr@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk  
  · Dr Harish Jeswaniharish.jeswani@manchester.ac.uk  
  · Dr Slobodan Perdanslobodan.perdan@manchester.ac.uk  

Research Students

  · Ms Xiaoyu Huangxiaoyu.huang-5@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk  
  · Ms Djasmine Saharudindjasmine.saharudin@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk  
  · Mr Tingfeng Songtingfeng.song@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk  

Associate Members

  · Dr Jhud Mikhail Aberilla  
  · Dr Bernab√© Alonso Farinas  
  · Dr David Amienyo  
  · Dr Burcin Atilgan  
  · Dr Gulizar Balcioglu  
  · Dr Paul Balcombe  
  · Dr Christian Barteczko-Hibbert  
  · Dr Ravina Brizmohun  
  · Dr Yoon Lin Chiew  
  · Dr Jasmin Cooper  
  · Dr Namy Espinoza-Orias  
  · Dr Temitope Falano  
  · Dr Angelina Frankowska  
  · Dr Alessandra Fusi  
  · Dr Carlos Gaete-Morales  
  · Dr Alejandro Gallego Schmid  
  · Dr Martin Goodfellow  
  · Dr Ben Greening  
  · Dr Haruna Gujba  
  · Dr Amirhossein Hassani  
  · Dr Valeria Ibanez Fores   
  · Dr Julia Jimenez Romero  
  · Dr Antonios Konstantas  
  · Dr Victor Kouloumpis  
  · Dr Joan Mendoza  
  · Dr Ximena Schmidt  
  · Dr Nima Shokri  
  · Dr Natalia Sieti  
  · Dr Roland Sims  
  · Dr Peter Slorach  
  · Professor Robin Smith  
  · Dr Heinz Stichnothe  
  · Dr Raphael Tarpani  
  · Dr Claudia Tomasini Montenegro  
  · Dr Marco Tomatis  
  · Dr Fehmi Gorkem Uctug  
  · Dr Steve Wallbridge  
  · Dr Andrew Whiting  
  · Dr Lorraine Youds