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Life Cycle Environmental and Economic Sustainability Assessment of Solar Hydrogen in China


PhD Project Details

Project Leader: Professor Adisa Azapagic

Project Duration: September 2022 - September 2026.

Project Overview

This PhD project aims to conduct a life cycle sustainability assessment of various water-based solar hydrogen production technologies (WBSHTs) in China. The assessment will consider a range of WBSHTs, including solar cell − electrochemical, photo-electrochemical, photocatalytic and solar thermochemical technologies, comparing their environmental and economic sustainability with conventional hydrogen production via life cycle assessment and life cycle costing. Multi-criteria decision analysis will then be used to identify the most sustainable solar hydrogen production technology(ies) and recommendations will be made to the industry and policy makers on how to improve the sustainability of hydrogen production and ensure its sustainable deployment in the future.

For More Information

The primary contact for this project is Ms Xiaoyu Huang.

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