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BIO-MIMETIC: New Bio-inspired Processes and Products from Renewable Feedstocks


Research Project Details

Project Leader: Professor Adisa Azapagic

Project Duration: July 2012 - June 2015.

Funding Value: €4.7m.

Funding Source: European Commission

Project Partners:

P&G UK – Procter & Gamble Technical Centres Limited (United Kingdom) CULGI – Culgi B.V (Netherlands)
P&G BIC – Procter & Gamble Services Company N.V.(Belgium) CIMV – Compagnie Industrielle De La Matière Végétale (France)
IFAM – Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Germany) CTECH – Ciaotech Srl (Italy)
UNITOV – Tor Vergata University (Italy) DNL – Dyadic Netherlands (Netherlands)
MAVI – MAVI SUD S.R.L. (Italy) The University of Manchester (United Kingdom)

Project Overview

The BIO-MIMETIC project will generate a new class of bio-inspired polymers via extraction of natural compounds from renewable resources. These polymers with novel properties will be produced through a new biological transformation route, involving environmentally friendly enzymatic processes, inspired by polymerisation processes in nature.

The novel BIO-MIMETIC process-route will use renewable resources. New enzymes will be developed to transform bio-mass into bio-based polymers that can be conjugated or cross-linked into novel polymeric structures for consumer products.

Download the project leaflet here.

For More Information

Visit the project web site: www.biomimetic-eu-project.eu.

The primary contact for this project is Professor Adisa Azapagic.

All group members involved in this project: