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Bridging the Urban and Rural Divide: Sustainable Utilisation of Biomass and Waste for Energy Provision in Cities


PhD Project Details

Project Leader: Professor Adisa Azapagic

Project Duration: November 2010 - October 2013.

Project Overview

This project looks into how biomass from rural areas, such as energy crops and agricultural waste, could provide sustainable energy to cities. Focusing on the UK, the aim is to identify most sustainable options for providing heat and electricity in urban homes. The technological options considered include biomass boilers, gasification of waste, anaerobic digestion and recovery of bio-gas from landfills. The results of this work will be useful for different stakeholders, including farmers, energy companies, city councils, waste contractors, policy makers as well as consumers.

For More Information

The primary contact for this project is Professor Adisa Azapagic.

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