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Carbon Footprinting Training

News article posted: July 5th, 2013

Two day training course in CCaLC and Carbon Footprinting in association with IChemE

Carbon Footprinting Training

This two-day course is aimed at understanding the fundamentals for estimating carbon footprints of products, processes and technologies. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), used to calculate the carbon footprint along supply chains, is explained and applied in a number of practical case studies and hands-on exercises using the CCaLC carbon footprinting software tool. The differences between the ISO 14044 and PAS2050 standards are examined. The advantages and disadvantages of carbon labelling are also discussed.

The participants can expect to learn about a range of issues related to carbon footprinting, including:

  • the requirements of the LCA and carbon footprinting standards ISO 14044 and PAS2050
  • how to estimate a carbon footprint for business-to business and business-to-consumer communication
  • how to identify and reduce carbon 'hot spots' along supply chains.

This course is aimed at corporate and other organisations, and could in particular be useful for:

  • environmental and sustainable development managers
  • technical and operations managers
  • communications and marketing managers
  • R & D managers
  • estates and business development managers
  • any other professionals who wish to update their knowledge on carbon footprint-related issues.

For further information, visit the CCaLC website or contact the Course Director: adisa.azapagic@manchester.ac.uk