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Latest publications

News article posted: April 11th, 2013

Latest publications by the SIS members

Latest publications

The latest publications by the Sustainable Industrial Systems Group include:

  • Balcombe, P., D. Rigby and A. Azapagic (2013). Motivations and barriers associated with adopting microgeneration energy technologies in the UK. Renewable and Sustainable Energy reviews 22 (2013) 655-666.
  • Ibáñez-Forés, V., M.D. Bovea and A.Azapagic (2013). Assessing the Sustainability of Best Available Techniques (BAT): Methodology and Application in the Ceramic Tiles Industry. J Cleaner Prod. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2013.01.020
  • Azapagic, A., Z. Chalabi, T. Fletcher, M. Jones, G. Leonardi, O. Osammor, V. Sharifi, J. Swithenbank, A. Tiwary, S. Vardoulakis (2013). An Integrated Approach to Assessing the Environmental and Health Impacts of Pollution in the Urban Environment: Methodology and Case Study. Process Safety and Environmental Protection. DOI: 10.1016/j.psep.2012.11.004. 13 pages.
  • Wallbridge, S., A. Banford and A. Azapagic (2013). Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Decommissioning Magnox Nuclear Power Plants in the UK. Int. J. LCA. DOI: 10.1007/s11367-012-0534-4. 19 pages.
  • Gujba, H., Y. Mulugetta and A. Azapagic (2013). Passenger Transport in Nigeria: Environmental and Economic Analysis with Policy Recommendations. Energy Policy 55 353–361.
  • Stichnothe, H. and A. Azapagic (2013). Life Cycle Assessment of Recycling PVC Window Frames. Resources, Conservation and Recycling. 71 40– 47.
  • Amienyo, D., H. Gujba, H. Stichnothe and A. Azapagic (2013). Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Soft Carbonated Drinks. Int. J of LCA, 18(1) 77-92.
  • Jeswani, K.H., R. Smith and A. Azapagic (2013). Energy from Waste: Carbon Footprint of Incineration and Landfill Biogas in the UK. Int. J. LCA, 18(1) 218-229.
  • Stamford, L. and A. Azapagic (2012). Comparative Sustainability Assessment of Electricity Generation Options for the UK. International Journal of Energy Research. 36 1263–1290.
  • Cuéllar-Franca, R. and A. Azapagic (2012). Environmental Impacts of the UK Residential Sector: Life Cycle Assessment of Houses. Building and Environment 54 86-99.
  • Greening, B. and A. Azapagic (2012). Domestic Heat Pumps: Life Cycle Environmental Impacts and Potential Implications for the UK. Energy 39 205-217.
  • Jeswani, H.K. and A. Azapagic (2012). Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Second Generation Biodiesel. Chapter 2. In: Advances in Biodiesel Preparation - Second Generation Processes and Technologies (R. Luque and J. A. Melero, eds.), Woodhead Publishers.